Valeant Canada is a specialty pharmaceutical company that manufactures, markets and/or distributes pharmaceutical products and medical devices to primary care and specialist physicians in Canada. The company focuses its efforts primarily in the areas of dermatology, cardiovascular disease, neurology and eye health.

Valeant’s commercial and manufacturing operations are based in Laval, Quebec, and its strong commercial infrastructure makes it a logical partner for other companies seeking innovative ways to enter the Canadian market without the risk and expense of building their own operational organization from the ground up.

In addition to a strong prescription product portfolio, Valeant has established a strong presence with non-prescription retail brands such as Dr. Renaud™, COLD-FX® and Swiss Natural®.

Valeant’s largest North American manufacturing site is located in Steinbach, Manitoba, a sprawling state-of-the-art facility handling the manufacturing of prescription and non-prescription medications. Steinbach is responsible for approximately 50% of the company’s prescription drugs, manufacturing about one billion tablets per year, including Wellbutrin, used to treat major depressive disorder and seasonal affective disorder, and Cardizem, for high blood pressure, angina and heart-rhythm disorders.


In 2011, Valeant established an R&D center of excellence for consumer dermatology in Laval and recently launched its U.S.-developed skin care product line, CeraVe®, in Canada. Following Valeant’s 2013 acquisition of eye health company Bausch + Lomb, Valeant has begun to establish itself as a major player in the eye health market within Canada as well.

According to a 2015 study of top Canadian brands, Valeant ranked first in the pharmaceutical industry and 24th among all brands in Canada. Valeant is the only pharmaceutical company to have made the Top 100 Canadian Brands in 2015.