Valeant Latin America

Latin America

Valeant generates revenues from branded generic pharmaceutical products and OTC products in Mexico and Brazil, and exports out of Mexico to other Latin American markets. As a result of our 2013 acquisition of Bausch + Lomb, we have also expanded into Argentina with eye health products.  

Branded generic products in Mexico are mainly marketed in this region to physicians and pharmacies under the Grossman and Tecnofarma brands. The Tecnofarma generic portfolio is primarily sold through Mexico's government health care system, which awards its business through a tender process. 

Valeant’s product portfolio in this market covers a broad range of therapeutic classes, including vitamin deficiency, antibacterials and dermatology. Valeant’s largest product in this market is Bedoyecta®, a brand of vitamin B complex (B1, B6 and B12 vitamins) products. Bedoyecta® products act as energy-improvement agents for fatigue related to age or chronic diseases, and as nervous system maintenance agents to treat neurotic pain and neuropathy. It is sold in Mexico as an injectable or in tablet form and has strong brand recognition in the country. Valeant’s second largest product in this market, M.V.I. ®, multi-vitamin infusion, is a hospital dietary supplement used in treating trauma and burns. 

In Brazil, Valeant manufactures and markets branded generic products, as well as marketing a line of OTC sports nutrition products and other food supplements. Primary branded generic products include Tandene®, which contains acetaminophen used in treating fever, headaches, and other minor aches and pains, and Melleril®, an anti-psychotic used in treating anxiety, depression and other related disorders. Our branded generic products in Brazil are primarily marketed to pharmacies and wholesalers. 

In February 2012, the Company acquired Probiotica Laboratorios Ltda. (“Probiotica”). Probiotica, a leader in sports nutrition and food supplements in Brazil, has more than 20 years of expertise in the market and is seen as a Latin American pioneer in the production of food supplements focused on the area of sports nutrition. Currently, Probiotica is the largest South American importer in the sports nutrition market of raw-material Whey Protein, which is produced by international companies in the U.S., New Zealand and Denmark. 

In Argentina, Valeant offers a number of eye health-related products under the Bausch + Lomb brand, including contact-lens solutions as Biotrue® and renu®, among others.